What type of brows would you like?

This depends on many factors such as, your skin type, your style, your retention of colour and your age.

The skin is the canvas on which we draw with our needle. The result of our art depends on the canvas we draw on. So looking at instagram or pinterest and liking a style of brow may be disappointing as it may not be the right type for you and your skin. Your expectation must be realistic and I will guide you to what is suitable for you.

One thing to always remember is that Micro Blading or Micro Pigmentation is not an implant, it will never be truly 3 dimensional. It may look realistic but it is a tattoo. We use different shades of brown to create a realistic look that blends in with the natural brow hairs you have, blending in quite well to enhance the shape and fullness of your brow.

Hair strokes or feathering is best for those with good skin, small pores and fine brow hairs. Shading or powder brows are better for those with full, strong natural hairs. It simply blends in better.

Whatever the style we choose for you, your brows will look fabulous and they need virtually no looking after once the healing period is over. By this I don’t mean that you don’t need to look after them at all, but it is easy to look after your beautiful brows. Remove all stray hairs by regular threading or waxing and in the summer use a light sunblock to avoid excessive fading.

Once you have had your brows done, it is very important to follow the after care instructions and for this we give you an after care card with instructions to follow. The after care is simple, wash and clean them for the first day, (don’t worry, the colour will not be removed); after the first day it is important to keep them dry and apply a little of the after care balm, included in your after care pack, twice a day for a week. Facials and other treatments can be done after two weeks as long as you inform your beautician to avoid touching your brow area. No saunas or swimming is allowed for the first week.

When deciding who to go to for your brows, do not be price led. Although price is important, remember that this is your face and you will have to live with the result for quite some time. Look at pictures of the work done by the artists you are considering and ask your friends where they had theirs done.

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