Why did I call my new salon My Time?

Well, for a number of reasons. After 20 years in the salon business, I finally created a work space that is all me. I have put my heart into this salon and used my favourite colours and styles. I have done things exactly how I wanted and have a team of professionals who are as enthusiastic about our industry as I am.

The facade of the salon is what entices new clients to come in and try us out and for our established clients to enjoy. An area where clients can sit while they wait, take a photo for their instagram page or just simply smile as they walk into the salon. A huge, stunning, cherry blossom tree is the first thing they see, with a table and chairs to enjoy some sun and coffee.

The reception desk is a stunning piece of wood art that welcomes our clients and sets the mood for all our treatments. My Time is a place for our clients to come and spend some time with us, to allow us to look after them whilst they relax which is so important in an age when life can be so stressful and time for oneself is limited. This is their time. Time for themselves. a place where the music is pleasant, the conversation flows, the coffee is good and the service, a pleasure for us to offer.

The pedicure area ensures that both client and nail tech are comfortable and able to enjoy our fabulous Footlogix pedicures. We have tried to think of everything from the comfortable custom made arm chairs to the sockets to plug in your charger, should you need to. A beautiful floral mural is the focal point in the nail/pedi room and also the inspiration for the colour scheme.

The nail desks are simply lush. They are designed to be functional yet comfortable, strong yet stylish. Every detail has been thought about, included little hooks to hang your handbag from so it doesn’t get put on the floor or out of sight. It’s the little details that make the difference, to create an environment which is decadent but easy to clean and sanitise to keep everyone safe.

The furniture has been made by a wonderful new company called Brief. Pippa Cachia is a young, talented creator who designed and delivered the most beautiful nail desks, pedicure platform and shelving. Her attention to detail and impeccable finishing has made me so happy that I could just look and feel the pieces all day. They are works of art in their own right and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants unique, well made furniture.

My Time offers many services including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, semi permanent make up, skin care, facials, laser treatments, Botox and fillers, body treatments, lashes and more. The best products and equipment are used including Footlogix, Andreia Professional and Teoxane.

So, to get back to the question .. why My Time, because this is My Time to have my dream work space, My Time to re enforce to our customers that this is their time for self care, My Time because after a life time of ups and downs, this is My time, Our time, Your time.