There are different types of semi permanent make up, all of them are forms of tattooing – not the same as a body tattoo, but any time you insert colour into the skin, it is a tattoo.

The two main methods of SPMU are Microblading and Micro Pigmentation. These refer to the tool used to create the look that the client wants and all styles and looks can be done using both methods.

Microblading is a little misleading as it’s not an actual blade that it used but a number of tiny needles, in a row, like a blade, hence the word blading. The tool is controlled totally by the hand and ‘slices’ into the skin whilst inserting the pigment.

Micro Pigmentation is done by using an electric device, a ‘pen’ of sorts, which can have a single needle attached or multiple needles which go into the skin like a sewing machine. The device is controlled by the hand however, the insertion of the needle when managed correctly, is controlled by the speed of the device.

I personally prefer micro pigmentation as I feel that it causes less damage to the skin and heals better with longer lasting results. This is, of course, my personal opinion.

Semi permanent make up is used to enhance brows, eyes and lips and is also used for medical reasons such as areola creation or correction for breast cancer survivors, for the scalp for those suffering from thinning of hair or balding, coverage of scars and also for people suffering from vitiligo.

At My Time, we specialise in Scalp micro pigmentation, (SMP), eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. We also offer areola creation/correction and in the near future will also offer scar coverage.

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