For years I never invested in skin care… then I turned 40 and I thought OK, it’s time to start. I was late, I admit, but luckily I have good skin naturally – big open pores, but no major issues with spots etc.

I started using Elemis, which are products I still love and use for my body, the smells and textures of the products are divine and they are British which is a plus for me. The skin care is good and I was an Elemis fan… until My Time came along and I felt I needed another brand for this salon, something different.

Babor was always in the back of my mind so I thought I would have a try and see what they were like, not expecting much, I admit, and quite grudgingly… but I am so glad I took the opportunity because WOW… WOW… WOW… my skin is glowing and feels wonderful. I could touch it all day long lol…

The Babor range of products is vast and you need a trained beautician to guide you to get the correct products for your skin. As I am a newbie it will take me time to go through them all, so I will tell you gradually over time in regular blog updates, however, I will make a start today.

Firstly, the brand promotes women empowerment which I absolutely love and am promoting at My Time. For me it is all about empowering women and making them believe in themselves, so finding out that Babor does this, was a sign that it was the brand for me.

For now I’ll tell you about two of the products I am using and loving. The first one is the Babor cleansing foam. This product comes out like a ball of fluff, it’s foam of course and in your hand it feels so light and fluffy that you’ll think what on earth is this going to do? Then you put it on your face and it turns into this rich creamy texture that you gently rub around your face and down your neck. It feels so good… you then rinse it off and then you feel your skin… Soft, clean and moisturised. You fall in love. Now I love a good scrub for my face, I like to feel like I’m getting rid of the dirt, and I still use a scrub twice a week, but for daily cleansing, the Babor cleansing foam is wonderful.

The second product is from the Dr Babor Pro range and is the AHA peeling. Now this product is simply amazing. Applied at night so it works while you sleep, you apply over your skin and within minutes you can already feel the difference. You know how your skin can feel a little bumpy, like your pores are filling up or those dead skin cells are increasing and the wash doesn’t take them away… have you felt that feeling? Well, the AHA peeling removes that all. It leaves your skin fresh, smooth, silky smooth, those tiny bumps which you feel you need to squeeze just disappear, leaving you with fresh silky skin. I could literally soak my whole body in this product lol… for now I’m using it every night and am not sure if I should carry on like this as there are so many other things to use.

I will keep you updated on my progress and products, and in the meantime our Beauty Therapist, Charmaine can guide you as to what is best for you to use. It is important that you use the correct product for your individual needs. So what’s good for me may not be good for you.

We also have testers of the products so you can try them out before you buy, but beware… once tested, forever smitten.