Semi Permanent make up is a form of advanced tattooing used for eyeliner, lipliner, eyebrows and some medical issues such as nipple reconstruction, coverage of scars as well as scalp micropigmentation.
At Beauty Inc we offer all the above services. Using top quality pigments we can give our clients beautiful natural looking eyebrows, many different shades of eyeliner, lip liner and lip coverage. We also specialise in nipple reconstruction for those who have undergone a mastectomy. 


Eyebrows are designed and shaped according to your face shape and bone structure. There are many techniques used for brows, hair strokes, shading, a combination of the two… you may have a favorite however, it depends on your skin type.
I will discuss this with you at your appointment.
There are two main methods used for semi Permanent Make Up, micro blading and micro pigmentation. I prefer the latter which is done with a ‘pen’ and an electrical device. I find that they heal better and last longer with micro pigmentation.

semi permanent make up brows
semi permanent make up eyeliner


We offer many types of eyeliner Semi Permanent Make Up. This gives a fuller look to the eyelashes.
Base eyeliner is a thin line on the upper lid. We can give a fuller look to the eyelashes, a simple basic eyeliner or a full Latina flick eyeliner.


Lip semi Permanent Make Up can be used to give a more defined outline to the lip, a fuller look or a tinted Colour to the whole lip.
We recommend lip line and blush, which leaves a beautiful finish and Colour tint to the lip.

semi permanent make up lips
medical tattooing

Medical Tattooing

Using top quality medical pigments we can help our clients regain their confidence. We recommend a consultation to discuss what issues need to be addressed and how we can help you.


This is a procedure which gives a look of shaved hair for men who have lost their hair, for people who have scars on their scalp that need to be covered and for women who have suffered thinning of hair.

scalp micro pigmentation

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