Following the weeks of lockdown, we finally opened our doors at MyTime on the 26th of April. I have never put so much into a salon nor have I been so nervous about a first day. I don’t know why I was worried, as all went well.

The clients love the space, finding it fun and friendly with a home environment and this is exactly what I wanted to create. I want our customers to enjoy coming to MyTime, not only for good service but for an hour of fun and laughter, a place to relax and feel special, a place to be among friends.

Having spent 5 years in a salon that was beautiful and big, stunning in its clean lines and corporate look, I felt it was time to go back to my roots, to go back to my style of salon and how I grew my business, by creating a fun and warm environment.

When setting up salons in the past, finding staff, the right staff, was always hard. The characters, the customer care attitude, the dynamic between the team and so many other factors. With MyTime, the team came together on its own. I didn’t have to look for them, they came to me. It was a sign that I was doing something right. Some old and some new… all that I knew.

We are a team of hard working women, all good in our field, all excited to be working together and having fun in a space where we spend so much time.

This is MyTime, and we look forward to having you and treating you, to laughing with you, hugging you when we can, crying with you when you’re sad, encouraging you when you need it.